Lemon Law

Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law

What is it?

Protects buyers of new vehicles by enforcing the manufacturer’s express warranty. However, it does not apply to used cars. The Missouri lemon law doesn’t apply to leased vehicles either, unless the car was bought through a lease-purchase agreement.

The lemon law covers any default or condition that impairs the use, market value or safety of the new motor vehicle to the consumer. This is referred to as a nonconformity.


If the consumer reports a nonconformity to the manufacturer during the term of the express warranties or during a period of one year following the date of the new motor vehicle’s original delivery to the consumer, whichever comes first, then the manufacturer must make the necessary repairs to conform the new motor vehicle to the express warranties. The necessary repairs must be made even after the expiration of the term of the express warranties or the one-year period.

Not Applicable

The lemon law does not cover used vehicles and does not to cover leased vehicles unless acquired through a lease-purchase. The lemon law does not cover commercial motor vehicles, off-road vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, and recreational motor vehicles other than the chassis, engine, powertrain and component parts.

Repurchase or Replace

If the manufacturer is unable to conform the new motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by repairing or correcting any nonconformity after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer must, at its option, either repurchase or replace the new motor vehicle.

Reasonable Repair Attempts

Must allow for a reasonable number of repair attempts to conform a new motor vehicle to the applicable express warranties if, within the express warranty term or during the period of one year following the date of the new motor vehicle’s original delivery to a consumer, whichever expires earlier, either of the following occurs:

  1. The same nonconformity has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer and the nonconformity continues to exist; or
  2. The new motor vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of the nonconformity by the manufacturer, its agents or authorized dealer for a cumulative total of 30 or more working days, exclusive of down time for routine maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act - Federal Lemon Law

What is it?

A federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products – not just limited to vehicles. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act covers vehicles suffering from problems that arise during the vehicle’s manufacturer-issued warranty.


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, however, borrows its statute of limitations from the state in which the claim originates. Therefore, consumers filing a Magnuson-Moss claim in Missouri have four years.


To have a case under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, your vehicle must: (1) have had an unreasonable number of repair attempts, or (2) have been at the dealership for repair attempts an unreasonable length of time. One repair attempt may be unreasonable, if it lasts for too long, for example, 30 days.

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